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E-mail: jpzhang@swufe.edu.cn
Teaching & Research Fields
Public Economics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Behavioral and Experimental Economics
Education Background
Ph.D. in Economics, University of Pittsburgh B.A. & M.A. in Economics, Fudan University
Publications & Working Papers
Publications in English************************************************ 1) “Deal, No Deal? The Effect of Alcohol Drinking on Bargaining”, with Pak Hung Au, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2016. ************** 2) “Government Intervention, Land Market and Urban Development: Evidence from Chinese Cities”, with Jianyong Fan and Jiawei Mo, Economic Inquiry, 2016. ****************** 3) “Bubbles and Experience in an Experiment with a Steady Inflow of New Traders”, with Huan Xie, Southern Economic Journal, 2016. **************** 4) “Status Incentives and Corporate Giving: Evidence from China’s Political Reform on Private Enterprises”, with Zhao Chen, Pacific Economic Review, 2016. ************* 5) “Impact of Urbanization on Cultivated Land Changes in China", with Xiangzheng Deng, Jikun Huang, Scott Rozelle, and Zhihui Li, Land Use Policy (45), 1-7, 2015. *************** 6) “The Importance of Managerial Capacity in Fundraising: Evidence from Land Conservation Charities”, with Holger Sieg, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Volume 30 (6), 724-734, 2012. ************** 7) “Nonlocal Mortgage Lending and Secondary Market Involvement”, with Yilan Xu, Journal of Real Estate Literature, Volume 20 (2), 305-322, 2012. **************** 8) “The Effectiveness of Private Benefits in Fundraising of Local Charities”, with Holger Sieg, International Economic Review, Volume 53 (2), 349–374, 2012. Media: Pittsburgh Super Computing Center; eHow; Pittsburgh Businesstimes; Fundraising Success ********************************************************************************* Publications in Chinese **************** 1) “Housing Market Segregation and China’s Urbanization: Empirical Evidence from Land Supply of Chinese Cities”, with Jianyong Fan and Jiawei Mo, Social Sciences in China (中国社会科学), 2015 (4): 44-63. (“香樟经济学术圈”第238篇) ************ 2) “Anti-corruption, Market Constitution and Economic Growth”, with Gang Sun and Ming Lu, China Economic Quarterly (经济学季刊), 2005(5): 1-22. Media: The Beijing News (2014-08-12) ********** 3) “Estimating Capital Stock of Chinese Provinces: 1952-2000”, with Guiying Wu and Jun Zhang, Economic Research Journal (经济研究), 2004(10): 35-44. Google Scholar Citation: 2458. ************ 4) “China's Regional Disparity: Measures and Causes” (with Guiying Wu), World Economic Forum (世界经济文汇), 2004 (4): 63-84. ************** 5) “A Survey on New Economic Geography and Its Implications on China’s Regional Development Disparity”, World Economic Forum (世界经济文汇), 2004(3): 60-81.
Teaching Experiences
• Empirical Industrial Organization (Ph.D), Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, 2016 Spring • Introduction of Chinese Economy, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, 2015, 2016 Spring. • Frontiers of Economics Research (Graduate), Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, 2016 Spring. • Introductory Econometrics, Nanyang Technological University, 2013-14 • Applied Econometrics (Master), Nanyang Technological University, 2012 • Public Finance, Nanyang Technological University, 2011 • Chinese Economy, Nanyang Technological University, 2012-2014 • Transitional Economy: the Case of China (Master), Master of Arts in Contemporary China, 2014 • Intermediate Macroeconomics (Teaching Assistant), University of Pittsburgh, 2008 • Introductory Microeconomics (Teaching Assistant), University of Pittsburgh, 2007 • Macroeconomic Policy and Management (Master), Fudan, 2005, Summer
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