PhD Program Introduction

RIEM Apr 10, 2017

Program Feature


The Graduate programs started in 2006. All courses are taught in English and top international academic standards are applied. All professors in these programs received doctoral degrees from renowned foreign universities. All the students are direct admission students from 211 Project Key Universities in China. Currently RIEM Graduate School has 28 master candidates and 54 PhD candidates, plus 26 foreign students


EMIIT Curriculum Plan

RIEM offer three track for PhD students, they are: blob.png

PhD. in Economics

PhD. in Industry Economics

PhD. in Finance


PhD. students can choose one research track from the following three: Economics, Industry Economics and Finance. The length of program is usually 3 years for those who already hold a master degree from an accredited university. The maximum years to graduate are 6 years.


In the first year, students must take 12 compulsory courses and pass the PhD. Qualify Exam[1] to attain qualification for academic research. In the second year, students must study at least 3 elective courses according to his specific concentration and research on a topic to present in the RIEM Academic Seminar. In the spring term of the second year, students must choose his dissertation topic and do an opening report. In the third year, student should finish his dissertation to graduate.


Compulsory Courses

Advanced Microeconomics

Advanced Macroeconomics

Advanced EconometricsⅠ blob.png

Mathematical Economics

Economics Research and Practice

Academic Frontier Research

Advanced Microeconomics

Advanced Macroeconomics

Advanced Econometrics

Economics Research and Practice

Academic Frontier Research

China Panorama *


Elective Courses

Development EconomicsI

Advanced Microeconomic Theory I

Health Economics I

Labour Economics I

Public Economics I

Academic Frontier Research Ⅰ  blob.png

Time Series Analysis

Experimental Economics

Econometrics Study

Regional Economics

International Trade I

Asset Pricing

Corporate Finance

International Finance I

Industrial Organization Theory

Development Economics 

Advanced Microeconomic Theory 

Health Economics II

Labour Economics II

Public Economics IIblob.png

Academic Frontier Research

Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics

Real Estate Economics

Environmental Economics

International Trade II

Advanced Investment

International Finance II

Empirical Industrial Organization


Academic Research

Since its founding, RIEM Graduate School clarifies its main task as fostering students’ academic abilities so that they could publish articles in domestic A-class publications or high-level foreign journals and enter first-class research Institutes after graduation.


In the past few years, in order to achieve this goal, RIEM holds numerous academic sessions and conferences like regularly-held Guanghua Lecture, Fall/Spring Graduate Academic Seminar, the Chinese Economists Society Annual Conference etc..blob.png


The result is prominent. RIEM Ph.D. students have published 55 papers in high-level domestic and international journals. Some of very exceptional papers received provincial recommendation to be ranked in 100 National Excellent Papers. Many graduate students also actively participate in the China Household Finance Survey as team leader to carry out investigations, research on data or write survey report.



RIEM Master Program adopts Double tutorial system. Every master student can choose a professor in RIEM as their academic tutor besides they are also assigned a career mentor who is professional in industry and can provide practical guidance and even internship opportunities in big securities company, banks etc. Besides, RIEM often invites influential speakers from various industries to address speeches on job-hunting. blob.png


By contrast, PhD. program is more focused on pure academic research. Till now above 40 PhD. students have graduated from RIEM and most of them engaged in academic work in domestic famous universities and research institutions such as Xiamen University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Sichuan University etc.

PhD. Qualify exam: mainly tests students' understandings in Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Macroeconomics and Advanced Econometrics to ensure that students lay solid foundations for their future research