Exchange Program Introduction

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Program Feature


RIEM currently has undergraduate and graduate exchange partnerships with Texas A&M University (U.S.); the University of Guelph (Canada); the University of Alberta (Canada); Singapore Management University (Singapore); the Rennes School of Business (France); Tilburg University (the Netherlands); and the University of Hawai’i (U.S.). Each year, we welcome more than 30 exchange students from our partner universities.

During the fall and spring terms, exchange students attend classes with RIEM’s degree-seeking students and have the opportunity to have a complete immersion experience. RIEM’s exchange students can choose to take between four and six RIEM courses each semester. Students also have the option of taking a Chinese class which is provided by SWUFE’s College of International Education.

RIEM Undergraduate Courses 



RIEM Master Courses



RIEM PhD. Courses




Note: The courses in the list may be adjusted for every year. The confirmed course arrangement schould come out on May or Dec.

Courses Registration

All exchange students must submit their “Course Registration Form” to RIEM’s Academic Office. The Academic Office will then send you your semester course schedule via e-mail. If you don’t receive your schedule by the specified date, please come to the Academic Office.


Students have the option to audit all classes during the first week of school. This will give you the opportunity to review course outlines as well as get to know the different professors. You will need to finalize your course schedule and submit your paperwork to RIEM’s Academic Office. Not submitting the form by the deadline may result in being unable to take your desired classes.


You can also pick up a physical copy of the “Course Registration Form” from RIEM’s Academic Office:


Research Institute of Economics and Management (RIEM)
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SUWFE)

Liulin Campus

Gezhi Building, Office #1212A

Chengdu, P.R. China


Academic Calendar

At SWUFE, the fall and spring semesters each last for 19 weeks apiece, including 17 teaching weeks and two examination weeks. The summer term lasts for four weeks. Every year, RIEM’s academic calendar changes according to China’s official holiday schedule, but the fall semester usually runs from early September to early January. The spring semester goes from late February to late June, and the summer term takes place in July. (The courses offered vary by semester.)





Eligibility All applicants who wish to apply for the RIEM Exchange Programs must be taking a recognized degree program outside China, and must come from universities which have exchange partnership with SWUFE.


Procedures Students must first obtain approval from their own university, complete the application form online, and submit electronic ID photo, CV, scanned transcript and passport ID page online. The teacher from College of International Education at SWUFE will provide you with information and support to assist you with your visa.



Spring-Term Exchange Application: October 31st

Summer-Term Exchange Application: March 31st  

Fall-Term Exchange Application: April 31st  

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