RIEM Summer Exchange Program

2017-04-11 351views

Do not have time to stay a full semester in China? Why not try our special Summer Exchange Program!!!

This program aims to bring an opportunity to experience the cultural diversity and grandeur of fasting growing country in the world in one month. This program is not only an academic in-class learning experience but also a diversified field course. The program is a perfect balance among study, activities, visits and trips. While it is necessary to learn Chinese language and other subject courses in a classroom setting, our program helps you apply it to the everyday environment in China. We believe, "1,000 books read is equal to 1,000 miles traveled".



Three week in every July



  •         Applied econometrics

  •         Behavior Finance

  •         Capital Markets in China

  •         Chinese Economy

  •         Chinese Language

  •         Cross-cultural Management

  •         Econometrics

  •         Economic comparison between China and US

  •         Experimental Economics

  •         Financial Markets and Institutions

  •         Financial Economics

  •         Organizational behavior


 * Usually 5 or 6 course will provided in summer. More course options will be confirmed by May ervry year ,  Please consult our office for final list.



Student Canteen and Cafeteria, estimated 50 RMB per day,

Overseas Student accommodation: 90-100RMB/day/person, based on 2 people share one room              



1.       Free one-day city tour, which includes: Panda Zoo, Wide and Narrow Valley, Marquis Wu’s Temple, Jinli Street.

2.       Optional Choices: (may subject to change)

l  3-day trip to Jiu Zhai Valley

l  2-day trip to Mount. E’mei

l  1- day trip to Mount. Qing Cheng

l  1- day trip to Giant Buddha

l  1- day trip to San Xing Dui Museum



Our student ambassadors will show your around city by public transportation, estimated cost 100 RMB (transportation only).

One day trip to Leshan Giant Budha: 250 RBM for group above 10 people and 350 RMB for group less than 10 People (transportation only)

One day trio to Qingcheng Mountain: 200 RBM for group above 10 people and 300 RMB for group less than 10 People (transportation only)


Note: Tours to visit local firms and innovation centers can be arranged based on request. Transportation cost may vary according to seasons and availability of buses.



Applicants wish to apply for the exchange program must be taking a recognized degree program outside the China, and must come from an institution that has established an exchange program with SWUFE.



students must first obtain approval from their own institution, they should contact Ms. Juan Cheng. Transcripts/mark sheets and proof of existing qualifications are necessary upon arrival.