About RIEM

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The Research Institute of Economics and Management (RIEM) at SWUFE was established in 2006. Dedicated to high-quality teaching and research in economics, finance, and management, RIEM’s goal is to become an internationally known research center as well as a leading Chinese think tank.


All of RIEM’s faculty members hold doctoral degrees from well-established overseas universities, including the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada, France, and Singapore. Their publications have appeared in respected international journals, such as Games and Economic Behavior; Journal of Urban Economics; American Journal of Agricultural Economics; Journal of Financial Research; Review of Economic Dynamics; Quantitative Marketing and Economics; Economic Inquiry; Urban Studies; Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics; Energy Economics; Journal of Industrial Economics Transportation Research; and many others.


RIEM frequently invites scholars from various countries for teaching and research collaboration. Invited speakers make presentations on their working papers at RIEM’s weekly seminar series. Additionally, every year RIEM hosts several international conferences related to different subjects in the fields of economics and management.


One of RIEM’s research centers, the Overseas Study & Exchange Center (OSEC), was established in 2006. OSEC promotes and facilitates RIEM students’ overseas academic studies as well as exchange programs. RIEM currently has successful collaborative programs with several highly-regarded overseas universities at both the undergraduate (“2+2”) and graduate levels.


The Economics and Management International Immersion Talent (EMIIT) Program, RIEM’s undergraduate program, was established in 2009. All EMIIT courses are taught in English and on par with top international academic standards. EMIIT students are considered to be general economics and management majors during their freshman and sophomore years in the program. During their junior year, students choose two majors from the four that RIEM offers: economics, finance, management, and accounting.