“Love is Beyond the Border”: Foreign Students Volunteer in Ya’an Earthquake District

2018-04-23 0次浏览

On April 20, 2013, a disastrous earthquake hit LuShan, Ya’an, causing many deaths, injuries, and serious damages. Despite such tragedy, Michael Steven Kleinert, an American sophomore studying at RIEM, journeyed to the affected area.

The “Tent School,” established by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics at LuShan Middle School, began its first class on April 21, 2013, the day immediately after the earthquake. Michael joined the “Tent School” and temporarily changed his role from that of a student to a teacher. He and a Canadian SWUFE student taught oral English to 30 students at the Tent School.

“What is Sichuan famous for?” Michael would ask his students.

“Panda…” came the reading voices from the tent. With the foreign teachers’ humorous and vivid teaching style, the students were engaged in the course. Afterwards they thanked the two foreign students who served as teachers for the day. 

“Love can exceed borders without any limits,” Michael explained. “We hope that through the spread of love, the people in Ya’an can overcome any future difficulties.”