The 2011 Symposium of Industrial Organization and Management Strategy

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In the morning of June 24, 2011, the 2011 Symposium of Industrial Organization and Management Strategy, sponsored by the Research Institute of Economics and Management, was held on Liulin campus of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. 

Internationally famous professors and experts in Industrial Organization and Management Strategy joined this symposium. Keynote speakers included: Prof. Cheng Yongmin from University of Colorado; Prof. Peter Debaere from University of Virginia; Prof. Matthew Lewis from The Ohio State University; Prof. Ines Macho and David Perez from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; Prof. Steven Puller from Texas A&M University and Prof. Wang Ruqu, Queen's University. Many scholars and postgraduate students from SWUFE and other domestic universities also attended this conference.

Host Prof. Li Gan, Dean of the Institute, gave a brief introduction about RIEM and wished the conference a complete success.

The symposium lasted for two days. On June 24, the first day of the symposium, professors and experts started with their keynote speeches respectively. There were in total 7 keynote speeches titled: Refusal to Deal, Intellectual Property Rights, and Antitrust; Greasing the wheels of International Commerce: How Services Facilitate Firms’ International Sourcing; Power to Choose: An Analysis of Consumer Behavior in the Texas Retail Electricity Market; Optimal Investment and Exiting Strategy for CVC and IVC Backed Startups; Diagnosing Hospital System Bargaining Power in Managed Care Networks; Research Output from University-Industry Collaborative Projects and Refund and Refund Signaling in Auctions. 

On June 25, there were two parallel sessions – one in Chinese and the other English. In the discussion sessions, experts and scholars expressed their own views and exchanged their ideas, and the discussion was held in an atmosphere of friendship and cordiality. This symposium achieved a great success.