The 2011 Workshop in Macroeconomics and Financial Economics

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In the morning of June 25, 2011, the 2011 Workshop in Macroeconomics and Financial Economics, sponsored by the Research Institute of Economics and Management, was held on Liulin campus of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. Internationally famous professors and experts in Macroeconomics and Financial Economics joined this symposium. Keynote speakers included: Prof. Russell Cooper from University of Texas at Austin and European University Institute; Prof. Hugo Hopenhayn from University of California at Los Angeles; Prof. Yi Wen from Federal Reserve Bank; Prof. Walter Enders from University of Alabama; Prof. Jian Yang from University of Colorado-Denver and Prof. Pengfei Wang from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. Host Prof. Li Gan, Dean of the Institute gave a brief introduction about RIEM and  wished the conference a complete success. The workshop lasted for two days. On June 25, Prof. Russell Cooper and Prof. Yi Wen made their keynote speeches respectively titled: Costly Portfolio Adjustment, and Making Sense of China’s Excessive Foreign Reserves. In the afternoon, scholars from the Central University of Finance and Economics, Tsinghua University, Pekin University,etc., presented their papers in Chinese and English sessions. On June 26, four great presentations were made by Prof. Walter Enders, Prof. Hugo Hopenhayn, Prof.Jian Yang and Prof.Pengfei Wang. There are: Breaks, Bubbles, Booms, and Busts: The Evolution of Primary Commodity Price Fundamentals;Reallocation and Productivity: Some Comments on the Literature;Credit Risk Spillovers among Financial Institutions around the Global Credit Crisis: Firm-Level Evidence;Bubbles and Credit Constraints. In the afternoon, scholars from the the University of Sheffield, University of Birmingham, National Tsing Hua University, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, etc., presented their papers in Chinese and English sessions. Two days’ experience promoted communication among scholars. Experts and scholars expressed their own views and exchanged their ideas, and the discussion was full of cordial and friendly atmosphere. This workshop achieved a great success.