Daisy Huang


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Daisy Huang

Postdoctoral Fellow, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong, 2014-2016

Ph.D., Economics, City University of Hong Kong, 2009-2014

B.A., Economics, Shandong University, 2004-2008


  1. “Do bank loans and local amenities explain Chinese urban house prices?," with Charles Leung and Baozhi Qu, 2015, China Economic Review 34, 19-38.

  2. “What account for the differences in rent-price ratio and turnover rate? A search-andmatching approach," with Charles Leung and Chung-Yi Tse, 2018, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 57(3), 431-475.

  3. Spillovers in Asset Prices: The Curious Case of Haunted Houses," with Utpal Bhattacharya and Kasper Meisner Nielsen, accepted by Review of Finance.


2019 - , Investments (Undergraduate)

2018 - , Intermediate Microeconomics (Master)

2017 Fall, Corporate Finance (Undergraduate)

2017 Spring, Econometrics (Undergraduate)

Words to Students

1. Supervision

Before contacting me, please carefully think about what you’d like to study and conduct a preliminary literature survey. Please also provide documents which may help me know you, such as your transcripts, theses, publications (if any), project reports, etc.

2. Reference Letter

For students who want to get my recommendation letters, please make sure that either you took my course and got more than 90 out of 100 for the final grade, or I’m your thesis supervisor.