About RIEM

2021-05-14 341views

The Research Institute of Economics and Management (RIEM) at SWUFE was established in 2006 among China's other four pioneers in the promotion of modem economics and business education. RIEM dedicated to high-quality teaching and research in economics, finance, and management. RIEM enjoys a national and international reputation for its high-quality academic programs and research. Always striving for excellence, RIEM is committed to nurturing high-end talents, to advancing knowledge of economics and management, and to engage with our city our province, and our nation every day to make life better by driving rigorous research-based solutions that work for society. RIEM’s goal is to become an internationally-acknowledged research center as well as a leading Chinese think tank.

With a steadfast mission, RIEM has been dedicated to cultivating future leaders with devotion to family and country social responsibility; innovative spirit, and global vision. The institute offers a suite of first-class full-time degree programs including BA, MA, and Ph.D. as options for study. Our curriculum is internationalized and exclusively taught in English, which few Chinese institutions possess. In 2009, RIEM launched the China Household Finance Survey (CHFS) and meticulously collected comprehensive first-hand data about Chinese households’ finances. This project laid a solid foundation for both academic researchers and political policymakers to build upon.

RIEM is the intellectual home to 50 faculty members, 662 undergraduates, 113 master's students, and 91 doctoral students, including 120 international students. All faculty members were internationally educated and received doctoral degrees from prestigious universities or institutions around the world, including the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada, France, and Singapore. The domestic student body in RIEM is comparable to that in the top Chinese universities; in the meanwhile, RIEM also attracts international students from North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Africa to pursue their bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees.

RIEM offers 15 full English programs in total, 4 programs for bachelor, 6 programs for master, and 5 programs for Ph.D. They are BA in Economics, BA in Finance, BA in Business Administration, BA in Accounting, Master in Western Economics, Master in Finance, Master in Enterprise Management, Master in social economics, Master in Public economic system and policy, Master in Policy science and public management innovation, Ph.D. in Western Economics, Ph.D. in Industrial Economics, Ph.D. in Regional Economics, Ph.D. in Finance, Ph.D. in Enterprise Management. All the programs are Conducted by English.