【RIEM Weekly Seminar NO.358】Assessing The Social Welfare Effects Of Government Transfer Programs: Some International Comparisons

2021-05-13 341views

Title: Assessing the Social Welfare Effects of GovernmentTransfer Programs: Some International Comparisons

Speaker: Xu Jing

Time2021-4-6 10:00am - 11:30am

VOOV Meeting ID: 355 4313 7526


This paper offers a new way of assessing government transfer programs using a social welfare function framework. It demonstrate show one can use social welfare functions to measure such programs’ efficiency without requiring the specification of a poverty line or particular poverty measures. The paper introduces three alternative principles of targeting, which provide a basis for measuring program efficiency. By applying the methodology developed in this paper, we compare the targeting efficiencies of 44 countries, which include both middle and high-income countries.

Speaker's information

Xu Jing is an associate professor at the School of International Finance, Sun Yat-Sen University. Graduated from Renmin University of China, worked in the School of Public Economics and Management, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and visited the University of Western Ontario in Canada from 2015 to 2016. The research direction is fiscal and taxation policy and income distribution, tax incidence, and pension system. Thesis published in "Chinese Social Sciences", "Economic Research", "Economic Trends", Review of Income and Wealth, International Tax And Public Finance , China Economic Review and other journals, and published the monograph "Research on the Redistributive Effects of my country's Personal Income Tax" and the translation "Taxation for a Free Country-The Rise of European Finance in the 19th Century".