Vice President of the Northern Illinois University Visit SWUFE

2017-03-31 341views


On March 15th,Lisa Freeman, vice president of the Northern Illinois University, andBalaji Rajagopalan, Dean of the Business School of the Northern Illinois University visited our school. Ma Xiao, vice president of SWUFE met the guests in the VIP room.

Ma warmly welcomed the visit of the Northern Illinois University and gave them a brief introduction of SWUFE. Ma valued this opportunity by seeing it as a bridge to further strengthen the bond between the two universities. He believes the two universities will cooperate more closely in cultivating students especially in the aspects of a boarder international view and of more multi-culture communications.

Lisa Freeman thanked the warm reception of SWUFE. She said, SWUFE has a vast international cooperation network and high quality of education resources. The visit serves a good start between the two universities.