Teachers and students of RIEM visit Tetherless Capital

2022-03-18 341views

In order to deepen our students' understanding of the financial industry and broaden the scope of talent training in RIEM, Professor Huang Lin, vice president of RIEM led a team to Tetherless Capital on May 21, 2021 to conduct on-site visits and exchanges.

In this event, Mr. Zeng Zhaobo, executive director of Tetherless Capital, and Mr. Wu Chunyi, investment manager, introduced Tetherless Capital's investment philosophy, corporate attributes and the specific situation of the private equity industry in detail. Afterwards, Wang Minghao, an alumnus of our school who practiced in in the company, shared his internship experience and personal experience. Finally, the Tetherless Capital Investment Group had an open communication with the teachers and students of our school.

This exchange and study at Tetherless Capital helped the students understand the attributes of the industry and further clarified the importance of career planning.