SWUFE 2021 Econometrics Thesis Competition call for paper

2021-05-12 341views

Econometrics Thesis Competition is a national undergraduate academic thesis competition sponsored by Research Institute of Economics and Management of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. It aims to provide a platform for undergraduates who are devoted to academic research and have a passion for academic research. The competition is centered on the application of measurement methods and features rigorous academic research and exchanges. It helps participating students improve their academic standards and exercise their thinking skills, and has won wide recognition and support from undergraduates across the country. Since its establishment in 2013, it has received submissions from students from Peking University, National People's University, Central Finance, Xiamen University, etc., and produced a large number of high-quality academic papers. More award-winning papers were published in "Management World".

Based on the successful holding of previous competitions, it will provide a broader exchange platform for all the students. We sincerely invite you to an academic feast! Welcome to the brave!

Entry methods and requirements:


Undergraduates (unlimited majors and subjects)

Entry requirements:

1. Thesis topic:  Self-selected topics (related to econometrics)

2. Number of participants: 1-2 people (two person need to distinguish the first and second authors; each person is limited to one group)

3. Requirements for the Thesis:

(1) Empirical research Thesis related to economics, which require the use of measurement methods, are innovative, evidence-based, scientific, and must not be copied

(2) Free choice of topics, unlimited majors and subjects, unlimited Chinese and English, more than 3000 words

(3) Participants’ personal information should not appear in any form in the preliminary thesis

Competition Time and Process:

The competition is divided into preliminary and finals.

In the preliminary contest, the electronic drafts of the contestants' papers are collected online, and a certain percentage of the papers are selected by the reviewer to advance to the final.

In the finals, on-site or online defense is adopted to determine the final winner. The specific schedule is as follows:

Deadline for the preliminary round: April 30, 2021;

The date for Final: the end of May 2021.

Submission method:

Send thesis to email: swufeconometrics@163.com

Bonus settings:

First prize (one group): 2000 yuan

Second prize (two groups): 1,000 yuan

Third prize (three groups): 500 yuan

You can get more information or contact us as below:

‒ Follow the WeChat public account of RIEM: riemweixin

‒ Join the official communication QQ group: 947515510

‒ Email for inquiry: swufeconometrics@163.com

‒ Tel: +86-028-87092826 (Mr. Su)