About Us

RIEM established its Overseas Study and Exchange Center (OSEC) in 2007. OSEC aims to promote and facilitate RIEM's overseas academic study and exchange programs. So far, OSEC has successfully built exchange relationships with Texas A&M University, Miami University, the University of Birmingham, the Essex University, the Singapore Management University, the University of Guelph, and the Unversity of Western Australia. After students successfully complete their core coursework at RIEM, they will be able to continue their postgraduate studies at one of RIEM's partner universities.

The pre-master's degree training program allows its students to acquire an intermediate-level understanding of economics, finance, and econometrics. Additionally, the pre-master's program familiarizes students with the appropriate methodologies and techniques to study in their chosen fields and ensure smooth transitions from the Chinese tertiary education system to western institutes of higher education. During their time in the program, students also learn how to effectively communicate their results to a variety of audiences. This training provides them with perspectives on their M.S. studies and equips them for future careers as both academic and professional economists.

RIEM also has collaborative "2+2" undergraduate double-degree program with he University of Birmingham in the U.K, and "1+1+1" postgranduate double-degree program with the University of Birmingham in the U.K and Singapore Management University. Students will study in SWUFE and Birmingham/Singapore. Credits can be transferred between universities. When successfully met all graduation requirements, students will be awarded degrees from both universities.